Nathan Hamill's Bellicose Bunny @ SDCC


Super cool new toy release from Nathan Hamill & 3D Retro for SDCC!

Forged by the stars and space alike, and stuff and things, the Bellicose Bunny was enlisted by top minds throughout the universe to seek out, thwart and destroy all known evil. Equipped with a pair of space goggles and the Sword of Ulyssia, he mounted his Daucus: Class 8 Rocket and embarked on his quest. Now he's reached this galaxy and needs our help in his noble mission. Hear his cry for peace: Starbunny Fields Forever!"

About Bellicose Bunny:
Bellicose Bunny: Radioactive Glow In The Dark Edition (for SDCC)

The Glow in the Dark edition is limited to 50 pieces and will be available at the October Toys/ Toy Break booth during SDCC, booth #4838. The figure is about 6 inches tall. Each bunny sold at SDCC comes with a special print made for the release. Nathan will also be available at the booth Saturday at 3pm PST to sign the toy.


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