Ninja of the Month: Cyclops Ninja


I love the new Shawnimals Ninja of the Month, Cyclops Ninja!

Here's the details:
This mythical Ninjatown beast's activities are a bit of mystery. What does he do with the Wee Ninjas and other creatures he takes back to his cave home. Does he eat them? Use them as slaves to move boulders from here to there? Or maybe just hangs out with them and streams shows on Netflix? Some things are best left unanswered...

AVAILABLE Wednesday August 3rd at 1pm CDT!

From the tag:
"Underworldly cave dwellers beware! This singlet wearing ninja of unknown origin has a little friend he'd like to introduce you to: Clubby. KLONK – right on your head! Thankfully, Cyclops Ninja has terrible depth perception, and can be confused with words like 'spelunker' and 'binocularly impaired'."

"Me enjoy freedom of singlet! RAWR!"

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