Lokisa Panda Hoodie


I love this super cute little panda hoodie from Lokisa! Proceeds from this hoodie will help save pandas from extinction, making it something super cute for a great cause!

From Lokisa:
This is our unisex Panda Hoodie/ Sweater.It comes with panda paw pockets and a detachable hood! You can achieve a nicely, fitted fit through its drawstrings around the waist. Ponya, our chibi-panda peeks out from the pocket with the mission of spreading awareness about his endangered species. Wearing this hoodie will help him fulfill his mission. We also donate partial funds collected through each Panda Hoodie to an organization that is dedicated to environmental conservation to protect the Panda from its extinction.



  1. I love pandas! And this hoodie is a must-have for me! And since part of the money goes to saving these adorable bears, it's definitely something I need to get!

    Thanks for sharing this with us! =)

    ~ Kieli ~


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