Crowded Teeth: Super Mini Universe: A Year Long Art Project

The AMAZING Michelle Romo from Crowded Teeth has a new kickstarter project! Support her awesomeness so she can proceed with Super Mini Universe!

Here's the details from her Kickstarter page:

The plan for Super Mini Universe is to do alternating months of illustration and construction for a year to create a giant cohesive year long art project.

Starting March 1st, I would draw something every day building a month long super illustration. Then in April I would build a physical, 3D version of what I drew in March using various media and techniques, including layered laser cut wood, plush, stained glass, paint, paper etc.

Illustration would start again in May, picking up where March left off, and in June I would go back to construction, and so on. At that end of the year I would have one continuous, enormous illustration of the Super Mini Universe, and a huge, cohesive 3D version of it as well!

So the schedule would be:

March 2012: Draw
April 2012: Build March's Drawings

May 2012: Draw
June 2012: Build May's Drawings

July 2012: Draw
August 2012: Build July's Drawings

September 2012: Draw
October 2012: Build September's Drawings

November 2012: Draw
December 2012: Build November's Drawings

January 2013: Draw
February 2013: Build January's Drawings

March 2013 - CELEBRATE!

At the end of the year I will host an art show to celebrate the magic!
We will all hug and rejoice!

Throughout the year I will be making weekly blog posts to update the project. There will be a handmade book at the end of the project that will consist of the photos and illustrations posted in the blog.

I am approximating that the 3D version of Super Mini Universe will fill an 8' X 10' space. The layout is not definite yet! The universe has yet to be created! The final illustration prints will be 16" X 20".

Below are some images of artwork I've done in the various forms I plan to use when building the Super Tiny Universe (but they aren't limited to this!):

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