Pablove One Another opens TOMORROW

I can't believe that the opening of Pablove One Another is finally here! When Leanna asked me to curate this show, nearly a year ago, I was beyond excited. Not only would I get the opportunity to work with artists that I admire, but I would be working on something for an incredibly important cause. Sometimes, the universe aligns in just the right way, and that's how I feel about this show. When I started contacting artists (and believe me- the final 48 participating artists is a fraction of all the amazing people I would have liked to ask to contribute), the responses I got were overwhelming and humbling. So much outpouring of love for this cause. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who has participated in this event, and especially to the amazing artists who have given us the opportunity to sell their work for PABLOVE!

I hope to see you at the opening reception tomorrow! 6-10 pm at Leanna Lin's Wonderland in Eagle Rock!

Donating Artists: 64 Colors / Andrea Kang / APAK / Axelhoney / Belinda Strong / Bored Inc. / Bubblefriends / Bubi Au Yeung / Cakespy / Catalina Estrada / Charuca / CJ Metzger / Conduct Happiness / Crowded Teeth / Cuore / Em & Sprout / Gaston Caba / Gemma Correll / Helena Garcia / Hsinping Pan / Jannie Ho / Jennifer Davis / Jeremiah Ketner / Julie West / Kali Meadows / Kit Lane / Laura Berger / Lilidoll / LouLou & Tummie / Love and a Sandwich / Luli Bunny / Miss Mindy / Mochi Studios / Monster Factory / Mr. Toast / Noferin / Patty Variboa / Peskimo / Piktorama / Pretty Little Thieves / Rilla Alexander / Rosey Cheekes / Silvia Portella / Steph Says Hello / TADO / Team Kitten / Yipori #pabloveoneanother

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