Junko Mizuno "Rising" at Gallery Nucleus

 photo size500_junko_Jigoku_Dayu2_500_zpsff301684.jpg

The wonderful Junko Mizuno's new show, "Rising" currently on view at Gallery Nucleus is now online. Her work really continues to grow and change in beautiful ways. I love the color palette she uses in this show, and the softer details she's explored on her signature girls. If you're in LA, the show is on view until 10/13, and if not, you can check it out online, here.

 photo size500_Jigoku1_500_zps86028a18.jpg

 photo size500_junko_Jigoku_Dayu3_500_zps7a17cfc1.jpg

 photo size500_Mairi1_500_zps3dbb6cea.jpg

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