Miss Van "Women are Infinite"

Miss Van, Glamorous Darkness from Monsieur Mitri on Vimeo.

Miss Van shared a new video, created by Mr Mitri, and it's really a lovely and intimate glimpse into her work, inspiration, and thought processes. I'm always so taken with the bold sensuality in the women she paints, and in this video, as she describes her fascination with the graceful, curvaceous bodies that inspire her, she says, "Women are Infinite", and I just loved that line so much. It really sums up her work so wonderfully- the power, beauty, and vulnerability that can be found in images of women from generation to generation- from the Victorian era photos she prints out for inspiration to her own growing body of work that always manages to capture the juxtaposition of femininity so perfectly.

Her newest show, featuring all her lovely prints, is on view in Barcelona through July 26th, and she has a few new postcard packs and prints for the show available in the Princesas Market.

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