Rivet "Be My Valentine" group exhibition

Rivet Gallery has a great roster of artists for their "Be My Valentine" group exhibition!

Super cute pieces in this post by (links to artwork from Rivet) : Andrea Kang, Gary Ham, Mizna Wada and Matthew Hawkins.

From the press release:

Channeling the days of Valentine greetings being handed out at elementary school, the nervousness of silly little crushes and fears of past rejections. This is a modern-day twist on the little Valentine square. Whether your heartstrings are of song or scorn, there will be at least one little square that meets your heart's desire.

Participating Artists: Roland Tamayo, Jeff Lamm, Johnny Yanok, Renee Lawter, Jeannie Lynn Paske, Sharon Dorsey, Nathan Jurevicius, Jason Mowry, Tim Lee, Andrea Kang, Mizna Wada, Steve Ehret, Abril Andrade, Jenna Colby, Vanessa Ramirez, Patrick Wayner, Dylan Garrett Smith, Angela Oster, Scott Santee, J.Shea, Sugar Fueled, Joe Scarano, Heather Gargon, Dino Nemec, Aaron Kraten, Devin Reese, Jonathan Queen, Ben Ervin, John Lara, Emma Overman, Liza Corbett, Mac Sorro, Kelly Denato, Matt Hawkins, Elizabeth McGrath, Jason Limon, Sabrina Von Netzer, Charlotte Belland, Tara Helfer, Greg Ham, Tyson McAdoo, Dominic Damien, Tony Kern, Patrick Maxcy, Eric Blair, Dan Linden

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