The Glass House Swap Meet

Attention all Angelinos! Tomorrow from 10am - 3pm is the Glas House Swap Meet in Pomona.

There will be booths by: Kid Robot, Obey, Paul Frank, To Die For, MUNKY KING, Japan LA, Dim Mak Collection, Alphacult, Hooligan Skate, Kung Fu Records, London Calling, The Militia Group, Rockett, Soulful Commandoe, Viper Black Clothing, SP Radio 1, Trey Q, Anenberg, The Meltdown Toy Store, Poseur Ink, Krypta Kustoms, Artillary Clothing, Notion Clothing, Loud and Obnoxious, The Illionaires, Gallery Onelove Deluxe!

Plus! The Handmade District presented by Lucky Find Designs with the following ETSY artists: Abyssal Gems, Amanda K Lockrow Jewelry, Annie Rexic, Armas, Brisil, Cutthroat Designs, Every Little Counts, Freshly Baked, Jane Clothing, LA Art Glass, Lean Dog Pottery, Lucky Find Designs, MJPartetc, My Friend Roze, New Socks, Skull Flower, Spitting Image, Spun By Ver, Susuten, Voz Clothing, Windchime, Zombie Factory

Sounds pretty cool, even if Pomona is a bit of a trek for a Saturday morning...

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