Chinatsu Ban print 'So-Zo pregnant, So-Zo giving birth'

Last week, I won the best Ebay auction ever! I got a print by my favorite KaiKai Kiki artist, Chinatsu Ban!
I have been waiting for a Chinatsu Ban print to be released for quite sometime, and was so excited when this new one, 'So-Zo pregnant, So-Zo giving birth' was listed last week.

I have been in love with Chinatsu Ban since I first laid eyes on her panty-clad elephants, and now I have a piece to look at everyday!

Now I really think it's time for KaiKai Kiki to release a set of elephants in panties as a vinyl toy collection. Chinatsu did lots of variations, and I think they look perfect for vinyl. They did release a plush set, which I have, but it's just not the same as vinyl.

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