Miss Van "Brujerias" : New prints and postcards

Miss Van's work is always so gorgeous- she has been my favorite artist for several years now. I own one print of hers and it's probably my favorite piece of art- I could literally stare at it for hours. There's just something about the way she paints these strong, sexual women who seem to be fragile and somehow endangered at the same time. Her new series of prints, "Brujerias" has just been released. There's also a set of postcards available. You can purchase these, as well as prints from her past collections and pieces from her gorgeous jewelry collabortaion, in her online Princesas Market.


  1. a bit off topic, but that's exactly how i'd describe the audrey kawasaki girls (and why she's amazing). granted, i entirely owe you credit for introducing audrey to me in the first place... big thank yous for that.

    these are stunning.


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