Fawn Gehweiler

I have always been a huge Fawn Gehweiler fan, and I am exicted to see these updates in her online shop!

She is having an amazing art sale on original paintings here- this is a great opportunity to buy some of her original work at really amazing prices. There's also a super cute new enamel deer pin and some gorgeous prints available in her online shop. I own a couple of pieces by Fawn and I love them! Her doe eyed girls always make me happy!


  1. I purchased some things from her 11 years ago, but she never sent them despite multiple conversations via e-mail. That was when she was on diaryland, and her username was bombpopart. I still love her art, but I'm also still upset that I never received what I had paid for.

  2. Oh my goodness! That's terrible... I am so sorry to hear that :(


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