The Garden of Eye Candy

I've had to curb my art-book buying habit (several moves and flights of stairs have given my collection a residence in my studio rather than my house) but I am very tempted by 'The Garden of Eye Candy' by Ginko Press. Featuring the work of some of my favorite artists including Amy Sol, Candybird, Lisa Petrucci, Noferin, Kukula, and more, the book is 180 pages of pure beauty.

It's available through Ginko Press, or Amazon.


  1. O! I need this book! I'm so glad you shared this!


  2. oh wow it looks amazing I love my art books it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! if only I wasn't so broke I would buy it. I will keep it in mind though for when I do have some money. I love the name too~!

  3. It's on my wishlist too... for days with more funding :)

  4. i love the title of this collection so pretty


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