I am home!

Hi! I am home, yay! The Pool show is still happening in Las Vegas, but I got to drive home early, thank goodness! I'm really not a big fan of Sin City, and tradeshows are pretty exhausting for me. I'm no good at sales- I much prefer to sit in the corner behind a laptop!

To make Vegas even more surreal than it already is- I saw Bill Clinton at the Forum Shops, standing in front of Bath & Body Works waving to the crowd. How weird is that?

A HUGE thank you to Dan for his awesome posts while I was gone!

The photos above are crappy ones I took of my booth with my phone. Lots of new items though! They will all be available as soon as I have the time to photograph them and list them on my site :)


  1. ooh i want those bags!

  2. they will be arriving soon!!!

  3. wow everything looks amazing i want everything!!

  4. wow! your booth is so cute! i wish i could have gone to see it in person!

  5. Thanks! It was a lot of work, I am glad it's done!


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