Similarities anyone?

Earlier this month I posted about the Thomas Han flyer that I felt resembled Miss Van's artwork much too closely.

In a similar vein, I found a post about the Portuguese artist Susana Romão on and I have to say that she took Seonna Hong's character exactly as it appears on Seonna's 2006 painting 'A Bear of a Bear'. She changed the dress to red, as the dress appears on the painting 'Self Defeating'.

These kinds of works should not go unnoticed. If she was trying to pay homage to Seonn'a characters, then credit should have been given.


  1. When the similarities are blantant tracing, I don't know if it could be called a 'homage' anymore. More like copyright infringment!

  2. I agree... I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt. When I first saw the post on NotCot I thought it looked too much like Seonna's girl- after a little research I found it was EXACTLY Seonna's girl and I was quite appalled!

    I couldn't find a title to the piece- maybe it's "I love Seonna Hong"?

  3. it is totally unbelievable...
    how a self called "artist/painter/creator/whatever.." can do this without any shame.

  4. did you try to contact the artist about it? I wonder what she would have to say about it....

  5. I couldn't help is a link to an animated .GIF of Susana Romaeo's girl placed on top of Seonna's.

    It's totally a tracing!

  6. Wow that tracing is crazy!

    No, I didn't contact the artist about this...

  7. wow. that's such an appropriation. it's like an exact trace. check those shoes and the hair. the direction, fold of the dress.... hands... EVERYTHING. and yet its a little funny because if it WERE appropriation, it would have some kind of commentary on the original... and i don't see it. maybe because its a personal work? seems so much like a pilfer... even more so than that flyer.

  8. Not sure where i stand on 'copyright infringement' in art... Artists have been reproducing works of other artists for hundreds of years although this does seem like a good example of sheer laziness. I think the Seonna Hong paintings better, especially the bear in the cart. I like your blog too, i dont usually write a big paragraph when i comment.

  9. WOw this is really something else! Artists & designers 'reinvent' all the time, but to have the exact shoes, dress length&style, hair-style, even hands & feet poses 'copied', that is too much! Of course, I love Seonna Hong's much better too.The originals are always the best versions. ;-) And while we're on this topic, I want to point out something I've noticed awhile back after the 'swap sales' event last year. Here are links to the plushes, and do you see any 'similarities' too? The original
    and two years later
    It is just wrong to copy off your contact's creations and claimed to be entirely your own.
    Anyway, I'm happy to have stumbled upon your cute blog!It is awesome and so much fun reading them! Thanks for sharing all the goodies!:-)


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