Miss Van "Room for Cream" at Soze Gallery Los Angeles

 photo 0a6907_7d3aaab602fd93d02393c19159d310aejpg_srz_320_465_75_22_050_120_0_zpsfe8373a7.jpeg

Super excited to see the always lovely Miss Van has a show entitled "Room for Cream" opening September 21st at Soze Gallery in Los Angeles. While there aren't many details yet, Hi Fructose did recently publish a preview of some of her newest work.

 photo 9568527465_e011f3ba76_z_zps700f4be4.jpg

 photo 9568528825_133176dbf0_c_zpsf1951d7f.jpg

 photo 9571324928_e2b7f818c7_c_zps25d3b300.jpg

 photo 9571322958_fa4531b09e_c_zpse1aa0a81.jpg

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