Miss Van - San Francisco

I am awestruck by the gorgeous new mural Miss Van painted with Ciro Schu last week in San Francisco. (It's at the intersection of Haight and Steiner in Lower Haight if you want to see it!)

I feel so fortunate to be able to see her work in person. I am always struck by her ability to create something beautiful on a canvas, and create something just as beautiful on a huge wall. When you get up close to her paintings, there's these little details that add so much- a slight blush to the cheeks or the way she accents the flow of hair, or the gold paint she used here on the headpiece. I particularly love this mural, of course, because it's in my city, and I consider San Francisco to be a more beautiful place because of this amazing gift she has given to all of us.

Here's some of my favorite photos of the new mural, as I was there I couldn't help feeling so happy and thankful and yeah- a little emotional- that my favorite artist made my favorite place a little better. Thank you, Miss Van! <3

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