I AM GOODY Kickstarter Campaign

Candy and Nick Robertson are the wonderful artists behind Noferin, and they've just launched a new Kickstarter campaign! I AM GOODY is an inspiring concept- a well-designed, thoughtful magazine for kids ages 6-12! (Of course, I was hooked the moment I saw my favorite duo, TADO had designed the first cover!), plus there will be puzzles by Peskimo, and contributions by Andrea Kang! Lots of great people coming together on this project!


I AM GOODY is a quarterly magazine for girls and boys aged 6 - 12 years old that dares to be different. It is inspiring. It is beautiful. It is unique. GOODY is creating and celebrating goodness.

Let's help make this great idea a reality! Visit the I AM GOODY kickstarter HERE.

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