Movers & Shakers

Fascinated by Dan's recent find of the wonderful artist Meredith Dittmar, we ventured over to Chinatown to see some of her newest pieces in person. She's part of a group show entitled "Movers and Shakers" at the POVevolving Gallery. I've featured several pictures of my favorite pieces from the show- including two pieces by Kukula and a gorgeous new piece by Amy Sol.

Meredith's work is even more captivating in person! (Sorry for the flash/ glare on some of the photos!)


  1. wow so cool you got to see them in real life. love this new piece she is definitely one of my favourite artists now!

  2. The Amy Sol piece blows my mind; so amazing. She has piece in Copro Nason's 'Superschool' show called Gossamer Tide that has a baby Manatee,and mushrooms...meh!

  3. Her work in person is astounding- so intricate and gorgeous!

    I LOVE the Gossamer Tide piece, it's one of Amy's finest in my opinion!


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