Nicoletta Ceccoli prints at Magic Pony

Magic Pony has a gorgeous selection of giclee prints by the Italian artist Nicoletta Ceccoli. The magical dreamlike prints transport you to a land of fairytales and dreamscapes.

See all of the prints in Magic Pony's prints & posters section of their webstore.


  1. I love it! :D You always find wonderful works to share!

  2. so markrydenized!


  3. Hmmm I don't really see the Mark Ryden in her work aside from the soft edged, round faced girls. I DO think a lot of artists steal his style, but I feel like Nicoletta's work is much more fantasy book-esque.

  4. i totally see mark ryden in this piece...the subject matter and technique especially. i need to look at more of her work to tell her style from his...


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