PCP Updates

I got an email update from PCP (Heisuke Kitazawa) and I am SO excited to hear that he has an upcoming solo show at GR2 in Los Angeles! I have been a huge fan of PCP for quite some time now, and his shows are always amazing to see! This show, entitled "and... it rained all day" opens April 18th.

PCP also has a solo show right now through March 27th in Osaka Japan at the Pict Gallery. He also has a new book, "the candle jumped over the spoon" in collaboration with the band Her Space Holiday, plus new prints and a re-stock of posters- see those items in his webstore!

PCP Website


  1. i'll have to go check out that show! thanks for the tip!

  2. No problem! I think you'll like his work in person even more!


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