Miss Van in Swindle Magazine!

So, I love Miss Van lots and lots, but I can't really afford her art ( at least not yet! ) She is featured in the new issue of Swindle magazine (quick, hurry, go get it!). I scanned all the art, then put the images in these little gold Ikea frames ($2.99!) Now I have a nice array of saint like Miss Van art in my bedroom.
Also... if you feel so inclined, my new house / art & toy collection has been documented on my TokyoBunnie FlickR page :)

My Pal, Sookie La La

My Pal, Sookie La La
New Works by Hello, Brute
Opening Party Friday, February 2, 2007 (show runs through February 24, 2006) at Rotofugi

Stuff n' Stuff

Please forgive my lack of posting, I've just moved! I had so much art to hang, I've neglected all other responsibilities! :)
There are several cool shows to check out:
kozyndan at Sixspace, January 20 - February 17, 2007

Move#15 "These Bagels Are Gnarly", A Ballpoint Pen Group Drawing Show, curated by Rich Jacobs at Cinders Gallery: Jan 17th - Feb 18th 2007
Maya Hayuk
Allyson Mellberg


ThinkSpace Galleryis hosting the "BEASTS!" book release party and signing this Friday. Beasts! is a new 200 page full-color hardcover book featuring illustrations of mythological creatures by over 90 artists. The book is being published by Fantagraphics and even features cover art by one of my favorite artists, Souther Salazar!

Plush Week 2

Plush Week 2 is coming to Gallery 1988 in LA with an opening reception on Tuesday, January 23rd. The show only runs until January 30th, so you have to hurry! I don't know all of the artists contributing, but I do know that APAK made some plushies!

Saints & Sinners

This weekend, my boyfriend surprised me with an impromptu trip up to SF, where I checked out the Kelly Tunstall / Ferris Plock show, 'Saints and Sinners' for myself. It's at 111 Minna, which is a really great place to see a show. They have a couple walls of art by random artists (all for sale at great prices), a large additional space dedicated to the show of the moment, and a beautifully painted ladies room! (Sorry, I don't know if the men's room is equally as lovely)
The show was gorgeous in person, the photos really don't do it justice. Kelly Tunstall's pieces have an amazing amount of depth, made really rich by her muted color palette mixed with black outlines and bits of metallic here and there. Definitely pieces worthy of saint depiction! I wasn't familiar with Ferris Plock, but his pieces were brilliant as well, super detailed images of monster-goblin-demons oozing with character. If you are in the Bay Area, it's definitely a show worth checking out, and 111 Minna is definitely somewhere I'm going to visit again.

hurry, quick, APAK prints are for sale on etsy!

After seeing the Apak show at Super 7 a few months back, I fell in love with the original paintings that had already been sold. After looking at some photos from a December print show at Moshi Moshi Gallery, I crossed my fingers, e-mailed Apak, and inquired about leftover prints. I am very happy to say that they are now for sale on Apak's Etsy Shop, and I quenched my art thirst of today by purchasing the Happy Hermits "sugar trail" print. Yay!

more ranting about the chinatsu ban show i am missing

So, maybe I have run this into the ground a little bit, but oh well. A few (very, very few, much too few for my tastes) pictures have finally surfaced of Chinatsu Ban's show at the Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth. Has no one gone to this show and snuck photos? Seems not, as I scour the internet for pictures, snippets, anything to ease my achy heart on a near daily basis, and this is all that has turned up. They are from the museum's blog, nonetheless. I suppose I should be somewhat appeased that I get a tiny sneak peek...

Fiona Hewitt

I have loved the Miso Pretty line by Blue Q for awhile, but never looked up the illustrator, Fiona Hewitt before today. Being the art-nerd that I am, I purchased two super-cute gift cards for myself at Target, since they were adorned with Fiona's wonderful images. Turns out, she did a whole Easter 2007 line for Target! Also being released is a range of staionery and journals by Chronicle Books, and even more additions to the Miso Pretty line. I can't wait!

Kelly Tunstall at 111 Minna Gallery in SF

I posted Kelly Tunstall's amazing video a few months back. Now: From Kelly Tunstall's Blog:
Sinners and Saints opens Thursday at 111 Minna Gallery!
Ferris and I are pleased to share with you that “Sinners & Saints”- a shared show of all new paintings, is opening at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco this coming Thursday. Some paintings are by both of us, some on our own; Ferris painted the Seven Deadly Sins based on Dante's writings, and I constructed some lovely saints.... We hope to see you there!

Opening Reception: Thursday January 4th, 2007 5pm-2am, 21 and over please, Free. Exhibit runs from December 31st - January 27th.

111 Minna Gallery In The Dragon Fly Lounge 111 Minna St. @2nd St. SF CA 94105 415.974.1719

Kristen Ulve

Gals will recognize Kristen Ulve's work from those super swanky girls she designed for Target (they were in the girl's dept., and I was always jealous!) Check out all her amazing stuff on her website!

Fafi Swiss Army Knife by Urban Survivor

Look what I got for Christmas! This amazing Swiss Army knife designed by FAFI!!!!! This is one of the coolest artist collaborations ever... look at the headless girl on the back! Plus, it comes with a chain- making it the coolest bling you could ever possibly own!