My Little Pony Project Auction

Tado Pony

Okay folks, this is one of the best lineups for a charity auction EVER. I was lucky enough to see both the Junko Mizuno and the Catalina Estrada ponies at Comic Con this year, and they are gorgeous. Not normal pony size either- these are huge! This is such a cool way to purchase an original piece of art from some of the best artists in the world. I don't know how high the bids will go, but as of right now, the opening prices are very tempting.

Proceeds for the Little Pony Project acution will go to Give Kids the World Village, a resort in Orlando that hosts children with life-threatening illnesses and their families for a cost-free stay and visit to the Central Florida theme parks and attractions.

See all the ponies on the Charity Folks website. You'll be amazed at the lineup of artists and celebrities- including Junko Mizuno, TADO, Catalina Estrada, TokiDoki, Jon Burgerman and... are you ready... John Stamos! Hahahahahaha!

TokiDoki Pony

Junko Mizuno Pony

Junie Moon Gallery Pony (w/ Blythe!)

Jon Burgerman Pony

Catalina Estrada Pony



  2. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! My favorite EFFING thing ever!
    My Hubby did one when he worked @Paul Frank.

    SO CUTE!! I want the Junie Moon one!

    Grrrr- I'm so worked up!


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