Cute Things Falling Asleep Blog!!

Ahhh! I ran across the Cute Things Falling Asleep blog last week, and I'm 100% addicted! I've been following Bella around with the video camera in hopes of catching her playing-like-crazy-to-nap-time-transition on film.

On a similar note, the Aussie fireman sharing his water bottle with injured Koala Bear, Sam, rivals in adore-ability.

The good news:
"Both Sam and Bob were given painkillers when they first arrived, but they're off the drugs now, Raymond said. The two are still receiving antibiotics. For now, though, the famously thirsty marsupial appears to be on the mend."

"I'm just looking at Sam now — she is fast asleep," Raymond said. "She's doing very, very well."
Ummm...can we get some video of Sam falling asleep, or?

Photos courtesy of USA Today.


  1. Aww how cute Courtney! Can I just add a note that anyone wanting to donate to help our injured wildlife from the bushfires here in Australia can do so at this link:

    Thanks! :) Cherie

  2. Hi Cherie! Thanks for the link and info!


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