Mark Ryden : The Snow Yak

The new show by Mark Ryden, "The Snow Yak" is currently on display at the Tomio Koyama Gallery in Tokyo. The pieces are breathtakingly beautiful. I've seen quite a few Ryden shows and they keep managing to get more and more stunning. The white backdrop on these pieces only adds to the subtle yet supremely perfect details in each piece. The wonderful Hi-Fructose has a great set of photos from the opening. Click 'Read More' for additional images.

Images are from the Hi Fructose post of the show opening.


  1. Gosh, what a cute blog!

  2. thanks for visiting!!

  3. dangit. I love him and HATEEE how 'spensive his work is.


  4. He's always great. I just love him *O*

  5. Anonymous2/20/2009

    Thank you for dropping by my blog! Great to meet you! Love your page xx

  6. I really love this art work!! so amazing!!!!!!

    Thank you for the nice compliment!! I really love your blog too!!! Thanks for following me :)

    ♥ Jeni

  7. Anonymous2/23/2009

    OMG, thank you for sharing! I have the last issue of High Fructose but I must run to the bookstore and get this issue! Courtney, you are THE expert on everything awesome!

  8. Thanks!

    I actually got the article on Hi-Fructose's website, so I am not sure if it will be in their newest published issue or not. Either way, their mag is always worth picking up!


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