Pete Fowler Weekend...

So excited about getting this Ltd. Edition Black TRWG at Giant Robot this weekend for only $20!! My other TRWG (the brown one) has a great little Pete Fowler sketch on the back, and I think this new guy is a bit jealous.

Also bought tickets to go see Super Furry Animals next weekend.

Bored Inc. presents : Stinky Poo!

Our second new line of characters is: Stinky Poo! The poo family consists of Stinky Poo, Cutie Poo, Grumpy Poo, Smarty Poo, Poo-quito, and Party Poo! These characters will be featured on baby onesies and toddler tees, coming in February!

I'm working on a Stinky Poo Myspace page, I'll keep you informed!

Hope you like them!!!! <3

Bored Inc. presents : Save Our Sushi!!

I am very excited to share with you, one of our two new lines: Save Our Sushi! The characters in S.O.S. are Lil' Dumpling, Crabby Cakes, Dim Sum, Unagi, Tekka Maki, and Ama Ebi. They will initially be featured on baby onesies and toddler tees. These items will be for sale in early February, exclusively at

Hope you like them!!! <3

Trendinista Interview!!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I am super sick :(
I promise I will be back up to full speed soon!

However, the awesome Caitlin at Trendinista interviewed me, and you can check it out, here!


Miu Miu & Kirsten Dunst

Wow, this photoshoot with Kirsten Dunst for Miu Miu is really gorgeous! I love the dark moody colors against her super pale skin and blonde hair. Since I have been dabbling in photo shoots, I have a whole new appreciation for the work that goes into them- especially the sets and all the lighting!
Via: NotCot

Bored Baby!

I've been promising to divulge the secret new project I have been working on for awhile now, so here goes: BORED BABY!!
The new baby line will consist of two new lines of characters, which I will be introducing here over the next few weeks. The characters will be featured on onesies ranging from sizes 12 months - 24 months, and Toddler tees, sizes 2 - 4.

These items will be on sale on the Bored webstore at the beginning of February. I am super excited about this new venture, and really eager to show you all the cute new characters!

Noferin = Awesome!!

I can't believe how super awesome Noferin is. Not only are they amazing artists, but they are two of the nicest people I have ever met! (Well, I haven't *officially* met them, but I plan on doing that at their solo show in LA this year).
I got a lovely little package in the mail, brimming with all kinds of TokyoBunnie loves... a mushroom purse, a paraphernalia goldfishie necklace, and my favorite, a NOFERIN PRINT! I am so excited to frame it and put it up, I just adore it!
Thanks so much guys, you are the best!

New Stockists!

Really excited to be working with two new super cute stockists, Occupied Shop, and Shana Logic. I have loved both for awhile now, and am honored to be working with them!

If you are in Vancouver, BC, go and visit Occupied Shop! My pal Cutesypoo created their cute sign. If not, visit their online store!

Shanalogic features one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces by lots of crafty artists. Her selection is amazing, you can shop here and check out the blog, here.

Thanks for supporting Bored Inc!

Etsy : Smosch

Mr Buttercup loves to rollerskate without protection listening to classical music.

Sometimes I wish I could just get a big house and fill it with lots of adorable things... and I would devote a whole room to these crocheted plushies by Smosch. They are SO cute... and they have butt cracks! Amazing! The accompanying descriptions are just as wonderful, so I have to post them, too. Get your plushies here.

Ms Ursula loves ceramics and going to gallery openings. Sometimes she drinks a bit too much wine and says weird things, but that's partly why her friends love her so much.

Mr Ognom loves to twine his moustache while reading books about far away countries.


Look at these amazing pins and magents for sale on the PearsonMaron etsy shop! Yeti, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, and many more mysterious creatures can now adorn your sweater, or your fridge! I love the Valentine set... a perfect 'lil treat for your honey.
Get yours, here!


I got an Iphone for Christmas, and decided to test the camera out on my bunnies! I was pretty surprised with the photo quality, it's better than my normal camera!

Pete Fowler for KIA

Loving these KIA UK commercials done by Pete Fowler! Why aren't car commercials in the US this cool? :(

PCP Updates

PCP (Heisuke Kitazawa) is one of my favorite artists. I love the magical worlds his art draws you into... forests with ghost-like creatures and transparent deer, friendly flocks of ducks, all painted in gorgeous greens and browns and pinks. I just stumbled upon the animated music video he did for Her Space Holiday's 'The Telescope'. He did all of the album art, as well as 2 Poketo wallets, which are now sold out.

There's also a Threadless tee available, here.

Giant Robot will be showing 15 pieces of new work by PCP in their upcoming group show 'Incidental Nature'. The show also features work by KozynDan and Robert Bellm.


Saw this animated Kogepan video on the wonderful And Everything Nice blog. Kogepan has always been my favorite San-X character. Here is Kogepan's sad life story...

I am Kogepan. I was from a bakery shop in Hokkaido. My bakery shop is very famous in Japan because the red bead buns that it churns out are so delicious that only 20 of such type are made each day. I was supposed to be a delicious red bean bun too, but an unfortunate accident had happened...

On the day I was supposed to be brought into the oven, I was thrilled because the moment has finally arrived for me to become what most breads have always wanted to be - a high quality red bean bread.

As I continue to ponder on that, I began to giggle in excitement.

When the baker began to take me and my friends out from the oven, I was ecstatic because everything had went smoothly. However, my happiness is somehow short-lived when the baker accidentally tilted the pan and...

And I fell back into the oven and disappeared into a cloud of smoke. I looked around for my friends but they were not there. I was very afraid.

I was getting cooked again and there was a burnt smell seeping out from me. I thought to myself "Somebody please come and save me!"

Nobody noticed that I was missing and I waited in the oven for another 30 minutes. My skin was no longer a golden color and had turned dark brown. I smelt awful.

Finally, the baker saw me and took me out from the oven, but he did not place me back on the shelves where the other red bean buns were.

I am a burnt bread and certainly, nobody wants to buy me. I felt lonely and upset. I thought to myself that my life as a bread was very meaningless. I was so disillusioned that my eyes turned white.
The other red bean buns always mock at me, calling me awful names. The baker did not even pay attention to me at all. I think the whole world hates me.

I decided to run away from home. Nobody will care anyway. I shall run to a place where nobody exists and nobody will make fun of me.

I spent most of my time smoking and drinking milk as beer. I became very depressed and pessimistic.

After a few days, I finally came to my senses, and decided not to live my life like this anymore. The bakery is still my home after all.

Back at the bakery I decided to read a book titled "How to become a delicious bread" to improve myself. I believed that if I continue to work hard, I will eventually attain my dream of becoming a delicious red bean bun.

But every time I see the other red bean buns I lose hope and become jealous again. I always lecture them about the life of being a bread and because of that, all of them were afraid of me.

Poor Kogepan! Little burnt red bean bun... I love him despite of his flaws! See his life story with illustrations, here.

Desktop Toys

I am a firm believer in lots of desktop distractions... and I love these solar powered desktop toys!

There's a ton on Ebay, and also a good selection at Toys N Joys.

My hands down favorite has got to be this little guy reading on the toilet!