James Wignall

Two amazingly original animation pieces done by James Wignall.

Gaston Caba for Blablabra

This is the cutest collection of underwear (and umbrellas, bags and pouches) I have EVER seen! Designed by the wonderful Gaston Caba for the Hong Kong based company Blablabra!

Apak : Roots to Fruits

Apak, Jen Corace, Justin "Scrappers" Morrison and a few others are exhibiting at Together Gallery in Portland for the show "Roots to Fruits".

Apak also has a new print set, 'Seasons' available in their Etsy shop!

I am 8-bit

If you and I are around the same age, your childhood memories include lots of old school style video games. The I am 8-bit show brings all those memories back to life! You have one week left to check out the 4th annual I am 8-bit show in Hollywood. Additionally, A Paper Tiger is doing exclusive I am 8-bit prints to correspond to the show. Check out the show info here, and the prints, here.

Plastercine by Stuart Jackson

The mix of clay sculpture and photography in these is really cool! Plastercine by Stuart Jackson.


Love this illustration by Mo0tsie (Francesco Muzzi)...

Monsters Love Sushi

Daniel van Westen (weird studios) is an artist based out of Germany who created this really cute Monsters Love Sushi animation. You can see his portfolio, here.

Squishi Clothing

Squishi t-shirts are handmade in the UK, are super reasonably priced, and feature work from some very amazing artists including Oatmeal, Drew Millward, Drout, and Blooboy.

Flickr Favorite : Zutto

Some really amazing illustration work from Moscow, Russia based artist Zutto!

New Meomi Stuff

I ventured over to Meomi after seeing their adorable redo of the SuperBuzzy site, and I found some news about new Meomi products!
Their new book, Color Cloud Seeding looks SO amazingly beautiful- I am really wanting to add this to my collection. The Octonaut books are some of my favorites, but this book has more of a portfolio feeling to it, and the work looks absolutely stunning! Also, a NEW Octonauts book- The Octonauts and the Frown Fish- is coming out soon!

New Meomi products by Dark Horse are coming out soon too, including this super cute journal. You can pre-order it now on Amazon.

Cute fabrics at SuperBuzzy!

Not only did the ever-awesome Meomi do SuperBuzzy's new website design- but they also have THE best selection of Japanese fabric I have ever seen! I'm so inspired by vintage Japanese fabric, and now that a lot of it is being re-printed, I'm in fabric heaven!

Don't Forget- TADO @ Magic Pony tomorrow!

If I start driving now, could I make it to Canada in time for the Tado opening tomorrow? I've been thinking about it all day- boy do I wish I could be there! If you're anywhere near Magic Pony- GO SEE THIS SHOW! (and then send me pictures)

Don't forget, all the new Tado toys go on sale at Kid Robot tomorrow, too!


Sk8ology opened this weekend in Long Beach, and there's some great photos from the opening reception over on Vinyl Pulse. Some of my favorites are the decks by Amy Sol and Audrey Kawasaki- it's so intriguing to see their soft, feminine art painted on this medium.

Friends With You @ Pop Cling

Pop Cling is my favorite place for artist designed vinyl wall art, and their new set "Character Party" by Friends with You is AWESOME! You get a ton of graphics to work with, which makes it easy to think of lots of ideas for placement.

Catalina Estrada

One of my favorite artists, Catalina Estrada, has some really lovely new prints in her shop, as well as some gorgeous swan earrings! Check it all out here.


Bella sleeps with her tongue out!

Dan has a set of photos of Bella on his flickr!